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Kimberly’s How-To Guide: Erase Sharpie Body Art

24 Oct

Kimberly’s How-To Guide is That’s What Kim Said’s newest segment. It will be switched in and out with the comedy corner so that I can keep things fresh. Occasionally I will be submitting advice on how NOT to do something…how fun is that? This advice will be based on either my personal experience or what I’ve observed from others. Please take that into consideration when choosing to either follow or not follow my advice. That being said, please enjoy the first installment of Kimberly’s How To Guide.

How to: Get Permanent Marker off Your Body

Has anyone ever written a reminder, a website, a phone number, etc on your hand in permanent marker? Have you ever woken up after a party and had something like a mustache or a monocle drawn on your face with a Sharpie? If you’ve ever been in a situation like this, you’ve probably found that removing permanent marker from your skin is easier said than done.

Based on my observations, guys and even some girls, spend way too much time scrubbing their skin raw while trying to remove their unwanted body art. No need to turn yourselves into tomatoes people. There is a much easier solution: Nail Polish remover. The fastest way to get permanent marker off of your skin without scrubbing for long periods of time is nail polish remover. Ladies, you probably already have some at your dorm, apartment, or house. Guys, you probably know a few ladies you can borrow nail polish remover from. If not, a quick trip to the drug store will fix you right up. If you feel weird buying nail polish remover, just tell the cashier that it’s for your girlfriend and you’re just glad that’s all she had you pick up for her. I’m sure the cashier won’t suspect a thing. Seriously though, nail polish remover is really handy when it comes to removing nail polish, permanent marker, even temporary tattoos.

*A special thanks to Google Images and Deviant Art for providing me with the picture in this post.*


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