The Sing-Off: Hip Hop Hits

25 Oct

Opener: Beautiful Girl by BoB Featuring Bruno Mars

I will star my favorite performances.


1) Dartmouth Aires – Club Can’t Handle Me by Flo Rida

The Dartmouth Aires primarily do rock songs so it was a hard transition for them to do hip hop. They chose Henry to rap for them. He’s only rapped once before, so they were a little nervous. They had very entertaining choreography. It sounded very white. (No offense) It sounded more like a chorus singing, not like a total hip hop song, but the performance was really good. They got a standing ovation from Shawn Stockman.

Nick Lachey: Sarah, what did you think?

Sarah Bareilles: I wrote down swagger.

Shawn Stockman: I would hang with yall at a party.


*2) Afro Blue- Killing Me Softly by The Fugees

I love this song! Afro Blue was in the bottom two for the first time last week. They’re a jazz group singing a hip hop song this week.  This song was originally sung by Roberta Flack a Howard Alum. This group is from Howard as well. They Jazzified this song! Wow. I enjoyed this performance a lot. It was easy to watch and easy to love. Ben and Nick Lachey had a little rap battle after the song.

Ben Folds: I don’t know what to say Nick Lachey. I got some rhymes today.

Sarah Bareilles: That was such a flawless arrangement and performance and you did it justice.

Shawn Stockman:  Reggie, I wouldn’t call you a bass. I’d call you the foundation of the whole group.


3) The Collective -Give me Everything by Pitbull featuring Neo

The Collective is a collection of solo artists from Nashville. This song was a struggle for them. They don’t normally do hip hop. They approach songs in a soulful, southern way. This is a club song. The guy, David, that rapped during this song made me giggle! Hahaha! The song didn’t really sound as great as I was hoping. They were so focused on the beats of the song, they kind of let go on the melody and the musicality of the song.

Shawn Stockman agreed that it was good but it dropped the ball in certain places.

The judges clearly weren’t blown away. They sugar coated their comments on the song.


4) Vocal Point – I’ll be Missing You by Puff Daddy

This group is from BYU. To cope with the passing of their group member Ben’s father, this group turned to music. For an added emotional punch to this song, Ben sang the solo. They didn’t really channel the hip hop in this song. They stayed true to themselves. They took off their hats toward the end of this song. I thought was really nice. Except for Ben, he kept his on. You could tell the song really hit Ben hard he was crying at the very end when he took off his hat. Shawn called them out on some key issues, but he understood that the emotional nature of the song caused most of that. Sarah agreed about the key issues but still applauded the authenticity of the song. Ben said this was the first group that made him cry.


Judges Chose 3 Groups to Save:

Afro Blue

Dartmouth Aires

Vocal Point

This means The Collective will be entering the sing off showdown at the end of the show, singing for their lives.


*5) Urban Method – Airplanes- BoB featuring Hayley Williams

Urban Method has been a rapappella group from the beginning. This is their niche and everyone is expecting a lot from them. I really liked this song. The group’s sound effects were so cool: a ticking clock, grasshopper sounds, and plane engine sounds. Michael stepped it up and killed the rapping part. I think this is my favorite number of the night so far.

Shawn Stockman: We’re in yall home right now.

Ben Folds: I thought that was brilliant. That was great. I really dug that.

[Shawn cut in after Ben to give Richard props for the cricket sound effects at the beginning of the song.]

Sarah Bareilles: I was going to give Richard props for the crickets.


**6) Pentatonix- Love Lockdown by Kanye West

Pentatonix is the futuristic acapella group that puts a techno spin on things. They decided not to rap in hip hop week. Before they even started I was hoping that they did well this week. I really like this group. Their beat boxers were on point for this song! This seemed like a darker techno version of Love Lockdown. I almost like it better than the original Love Lockdown. I thought this was great! Shawn Stockman gave them a standing ovation. For me, this topped Urban Method. This was definitely my favorite song of the night.

Nick Lachey: Pentatonix, that was sick.

Sarah Bareilles: You guys delivered on that performance.

Ben Folds: That was primal. It just had this primal thing to it and Kevin still looks pissed off.

Shawn Stockman: You know how when it sounds real good, you make an ugly face…why do you do that? Listen, being on the Sing-Off isn’t just for yall, it’s for me too.


*7) Delilah- How to Love by Lil Wayne

I have very high expectations for this group. They’ve been in the bottom twice already. They’ve had trouble with their arrangements, but they are a powerhouse of female talent and I know they have it in them to go all the way in this competition.  They did a great job on this song. Their dynamics were great. Their soloist was great. Despite being an all female group, they still hit the incredibly low notes of this song. Sarah Bareilles gave them a standing ovation.

Shawn Stockman: Wow, that was amazing.

Ben Folds: Jooooooeeeee.[Ben tried to sing the female Bassist's name, Joe, as low as he could.] I can barely hit that.

Sarah Bareilles: You guys have a very strong, powerful, feminine energy.


8 ) Yellow Jackets- The Show Goes On – Lupe Fiasco

The lyrics talk about overcoming struggles you’re facing. Before this show, the Yellow Jackets came back from Kenya and working with kids there. They are all about singing for a higher cause. They’re trying to represent the kids in Kenya so they can help them with the money they win.

The guy, Jamal, that rapped for this group was really good. He had to rap Really fast. I was very impressed. The song was good. The performance was good. The rapper was really good. Still, they didn’t blow me away.

Ben Folds admired the powerful emotion that this group always brings.

Sarah Bareilles: Ben said it, I said it, you guys are all heart.

Shawn Stockman: Jamal, you were working hard up there. I saw you son.


Judges Chose 3 Groups to Save:



Urban Method

This means that The Collective and the Yellow Jackets will be in the first ever head-to-head sing off.


The Collective vs. Yellow Jackets

The first ever sing off battle: Just a Dream by Nelly.

They get to perform back to back.

Shawn Stockman: Yellow Jackets

Ben Folds: The Collective

Sarah Bareilles: Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets are moving on. The Collective, end of the road.


Next Week: Superstar Medleys


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