17 Jan

To all of my dedicated viewers…I’m so sorry to have left you hanging for so long. Life has been pretty busy! Now that I’m back in the swing of things, I will be posting new material to thatswhatkimsaid. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, please enjoy this song that will be stuck in your head the rest of the day…

YouTube Classics: Baby Bobbing to Beyonce

28 Nov

Baby Bobbing to Beyonce

This baby is adorable. His parents may be laughing now, but I bet this is what Beyonce acted like when she was a kid. Watch out world, baby Cory will be a dancer soon enough!

YouTube Classics: Noah’s Daily Photos

25 Nov

Noah’s Daily Photos

This kid showed true dedication by taking pictures of himself everyday for 6 years. Noah’s photo video was very fluid because he took almost the exact same photo everyday. His clothes changed, the background changed, his facial hair changed, but his expression and aspect ratio stayed constant. This gave the audience the feeling that Noah wasn’t really moving or changing, but his environment (not to mention time) was. This original idea inspired many other people to try their hands at this kind of video. It also inspired some above drug commercials. Good Job Noah. You can smile now.

YouTube Classics: Numa Numa Guy

22 Nov

Numa Numa Guy

Oh, Numa Numa guy. The world loves you. Keep rockin’ those killer dance moves! And yes, by dance moves I do mean arm moves!

Song of the Day

21 Nov

I’m feeling a little futuristic so here’s Eiffel 65 singing Blue (Da Ba Dee)!

I wonder what the people in Avatar would think about this song.

YouTube Classics: RickRoll’d

20 Nov


If you haven’t been RickRoll’d yet, be thankful. This viral trend was obnoxious. Luckily, it seems that America has moved on from the RickRoll. Just for kicks, let’s see what Rick Astley has to say…

Song of the Day

20 Nov

A Pirates Life for Me – Disney

I love this song. It makes me feel like a Pirate!


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